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How to choose platinum diamond ring?

Platinum and K gold are the most suitable materials for diamonds. For those who are looking for quality, platinum diamond ring are generally chosen. Because platinum metal is pure natural precious metal, its gloss is good, its color is white and beautiful, and it is rare and rare. When buying a platinum diamond ring, you must first have some knowledge about it.

Fine women platinum diamond ring

First, diamond purchase knowledge

The first thing to understand is what is drilled 4C, because the price of diamonds depends mainly on the diamond 4C. 4C refers to the four aspects of diamond color, cut, weight and clarity. The price of a diamond needs to be combined to determine the four factors. The higher the grade, the more expensive the price.

1. Diamond color: The grade is divided into roughly 5 grades of D-Z from high to the bottom, among which D, E and F are optimal times, indicating no color, where D is the highest level, followed by G, H, I, J It is close to colorless, then K-Z belongs to the colored level, and it is generally not recommended.

2. diamond weight: that is, carat, is the weight unit of the diamond, 1 carat = 0.2 grams, 1 carat = 100 points. In the case of the same color, transparency and cut of diamonds, the bigger the diamond, the more expensive it is.

3. Diamond Clarity: Refers to the diamond inclusions observed under a ten-fold magnifying glass. The grades are classified according to position, quantity and size, and are divided into roughly five grades of F-I. Among them, F and IF is the most transparent and rare, very rare and rare, VVS1 and VVS2 are the second, followed by SI1 and SI2, followed by I1, I2 and I3.

4. diamond cut: affect the color and flash of the diamond, a good cut can make the diamond shine brightly. Cut into 6 grades, from high to low for EXCELLENT, VERY GOOD, GOOD, MEDIUM, FAIR, POOR.

Luxury women platinum diamond ring

Second, understand what is platinum, how to distinguish

Platinum is a naturally occurring white precious metal with a chemical symbol of pt. Platinum is also called platinum. It has beautiful color, strong ductility, refractory resistance, friction resistance and corrosion resistance. It is chemically stable at high temperatures. Platinum is rare and precious, and more precious than gold. So what are the advantages of platinum?

1. pure and rare. Platinum can be as high as 90%-95%, which is the common Pt900 and Pt950. The production of platinum is very rare, and it is more precious than gold. Only a few places in the world are mined, so the value of platinum is relatively high.

2. Eternality. Platinum is highly pure and has a natural purity. Platinum maintains its natural white luster and never fades, no matter how long it is worn.

When choosing a platinum diamond ring, some people will think of white 18K gold as platinum, because platinum is also called platinum, so some people think that white 18K gold and platinum are the same material, which is actually wrong. Whether it is white 18K gold or 18K white gold refers to 18K gold, its color is similar to platinum color, so it is easy to be confused.

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