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Aristocratic Temperament Royal Jewellery Style and Symbolism

Royal jewellery is not only an accessory for the nobles to highlight personal taste, but also a symbol of rights and dignity, especially in major festivals such as national celebrations, jewelry is the embodiment of aristocratic identity. Unconventional royal jewellery presents different styles according to the times, so each royal jewellery style has a different symbolic meaning.

Retro: Royal Spiritual Heritage

Britain is a rare country that still retains the royal family. The orthodox and Jrigorous royal style has undergone hundreds of years of change and change, but it has always passed on the classic style of the dynasty, which has also created a luxurious style that is difficult to imitate in British jewelry. The 64-year-old Queen Victoria’s love of jewellery and the richest imperial power in British history she established are generally breathtaking.

Aristocratic Temperament Royal Jewellery Style and Symbolism

Today, when you push away a carved wooden fence on the Noing Hill antique street, noble and gorgeous large gemstones, vivid natural elements, classical and elegant style, a piece of royal jewelry, with a magnificent royal family The temperament and classicism are in sight. In addition to the antique shops that collect treasures, you will find that the style of royal jewellery has never left people’s enthusiastic attention. Several generations of dynasties have turned over, and the trend has changed and changed, but whether it is a pile of diamonds, the design of the branches, or Classic leopard styling… We can always find a retro ornate royal style in the jewels of any era, which has become a timeless fashion logo for British jewellery.

Luxury: Colonial Dedication

When the flag of Great Britain fluttered over India and South Africa, the country has suddenly become the most powerful colonial country in the world. In these two countries, known for their diamond resources, this gleaming radiance became a gem for the colonies to contribute to the British royal family.

In the history of diamond mining for thousands of years, diamonds larger than 20 carats are rare, and diamonds larger than 100 carats are considered national treasures. However, in the collection of the British royal family, such a “national treasure” is more than one, more able to reflect the British nobles have a soft spot for diamonds.

Luxurious diamonds, through the dexterous hands of jewelers, create a masterpiece of jewels that have been handed down to witness the success or failure of generations of dynasties. Only diamonds will shine forever.

Knight: The spirit of the knight is not dead

Horse, sword, spur, sword band, cross, badge. When these elements appear in jewellery, loyalty and courage, and sacred patriotism are suddenly manifested.

The Cavaliers class is one of the most distinctive parts of British native culture and an important element of contemporary British jewelry design. The spirit of the knight combines the aristocratic grandeur, the virtues of Christianity and the respect for women, and advocates a cautious, fair, generous, humble, respectful and honorable attitude. The ideal knight not only has to be powerful, but also requires absolute loyalty, generosity, and tolerance. The unique combination of military temperament and aristocratic style makes the British culture full of irresistible handsome charm.

Simplicity: the penetration of the industrial revolution

Since the 18th century, when the tide of the industrial revolution began to accelerate the operation of society as a whole. Every aspect of life has become monotonous and hasty in the rapid rotation of this wheel; when over-decorated, the delicate buildings with complex patterns began to be replaced by simple intensive reinforced concrete, and the jewellery style began to enter the swirl of industrial atmosphere, a bright and simplified Jewelry style is popular and it has become a new jewel of modern jewellery.

The monotonous regular pattern of the lines, with slightly cold metal texture, is in this simple composition, the industrialized temperament of the old capitalist countries is full. The British character has calm humor in their character. They like to find the spark of inspiration in the simple to pure, just as an accurate clock machine runs on the timeline, between the precise structure and the steel texture. A beautiful light full of modernity and futuristic.

Rebellion: Fashion Culture Blossoms

The old-fashioned tradition and rigor of Britain have not shackled the talents of the new designers from the fashion world. No country is so rich in the design masters who have broken the limits of all the imaginations of the world with pure design spirit.

Aristocratic Temperament Royal Jewellery Style and Symbolism

They found a balanced fulcrum between freedom and rule. British fashion combines the essence of tradition and alternatives. It broke out the most intriguing and creative spirit of the British, and the British jewelry and accessories that are deeply influenced by it are like The flowers of the British fashion culture condense all the essences and exude a different kind of enchanting beauty.

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