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How to choose high-quality Men’s tungsten carbide rings?

Do you like Men’s tungsten carbide rings? Do you want to buy a high-quality Men’s tungsten carbide rings? Do you have no idea when choosing a Men’s tungsten carbide rings? YIBI Jewelry, who is Tungsten Jewelry Manufacturer in Shenzhen summarized the following three characteristics of high-quality Men’s tungsten carbide rings based on years of experience in the production of tungsten carbide rings.

high-quality Men's tungsten carbide rings

1. High-quality Men’s tungsten carbide rings wear-resistant, scratching, high-temperature resistance

Tungsten carbide is the second hardest metal in the world and its hardness is just lower than diamonds. The tungsten content of tungsten carbide used to make men’s rings should be above 80%, and the golden ratio is 85.7%, which is also known as 857 tungsten carbide. This content of the men’s tungsten carbide rings is not afraid of grinding, the knife does not spend (except professional tools), is not afraid of high-temperature forging, the property is very stable. But don’t fall heavily, don’t get the ground to grind, because the cement contains artificial silicon, this thing is harder than diamonds.

polished men's tungsten carbide rings

2. High-quality men’s tungsten carbide rings is very bright, slightly black

The polished men’s tungsten carbide rings exudes a dazzling luster and shines on the fingers. Careful observation, men’s tungsten carbide rings, and some other men’s metal rings still have some differences. The men’s tungsten carbide rings is restrained and slightly black, and the other men’s metal rings are slightly floating compared to the men’s tungsten carbide rings, while the men’s tungsten carbide rings feels more stable due to its unique metallic surface.

multi-faceted men's tungsten carbide rings

3. Polishing process level

Many people often fall into the misunderstanding of men’s tungsten steel rings. In fact, the biggest selling point of tungsten carbide rings is the style, workmanship and polishing process. The tungsten carbide rings does not have the function of maintaining value. If you want to preserve the value, choose a gold rings. As a jewel in style and workmanship, the grinding process of tungsten carbide rings is even more important. Which style of men’s tungsten carbide rings is more beautiful? Generally speaking, the face-cut cutting multi-faceted men’s tungsten carbide rings is more popular among the majority of male consumers, and there are more consumers to buy because in the environment of sufficient light, each small tungsten ring The facets will exude an enticing luster, which makes people love it and never loses.

YIBI Jewelry is a Chinese tungsten jewelry manufacturer. We provide OEM and ODM services for international tungsten jewelry brands. Welcome to our tungsten jewelry factory. We will continue to update the industry information about tungsten carbide jewelry.

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