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Reputable & Reliable OEM Jewelry Manufacturer for International Brands. We work with many designers from numerous Watch & Jewelry of International Brands and help them to make their designs into reality by providing a technical solution to achieve it. We are the Expert in Jewelry OEM & ODM services with our own Manufacturing Factory.


    Why  Choose  YIBI?


    1.  Experience: Experienced in working with numerous international brands.

    2.  Factory: Producing products with our own manufacturing plants.

    3.  OEM & ODM Ability: We are the expert in OEM & ODM services.

    4.  R & D: Consistently and persistently developing new products, new technology and new materials.

    5.  One-stop Service: From the technical drawings or design concepts to the finished products.

    6.  Service response: Fastest reply within 24 hours.


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