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What is a titanium germanium bracelet?

The titanium germanium bracelet is a very popular jewelry in recent years. The germanium has the effect of restoring fatigue and promoting blood circulation. The titanium germanium bracelet is often sold as a health care jewelry. So is the titanium germanium bracelet useful? What should I pay attention to when wearing a titanium germanium bracelet? Let’s take a look at the taboos and precautions for wearing the titanium germanium bracelet. Friends who like the titanium germanium bracelet can find out!

gold plated titanium germanium bracelet

About Titanium germanium bracelet

Titanium is a hard, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, highly stable, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, temperature insensitive precious metal, known as “space metal”; germanium is a white metal commonly used to make transistors. The impact of germanium on people is mainly to restore fatigue, promote blood circulation and so on. In Japan, germanium is used as a medical aid in many places and is used as a health material in bracelets, necklaces, and rings in the jewelry industry, and is expensive.

In recent years, titanium germanium bracelets have been widely spread in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and other places, and have also flowed into mainland China. Such titanium germanium bracelets can be seen on TV, online, and specialty stores. The titanium germanium bracelet has become a substitute for fashion and healthcare and has slowly entered people’s lives.

Rose gold plated titanium germanium bracelet

Precautions for wearing titanium germanium bracelet

1. Non-magnetic products can be used together with watches, other healthcare products, and other sensitive medical devices.

2. safe and no side effects can be worn for a long time, permanent and effective.

3. When taking a bath, makeup or other solutions, it is recommended to remove it to keep the germanium surface unaffected.

4. germanium material is more brittle, do not rub with hard objects during wear and placement, so as not to cause damage to germanium.

5. In the maintenance, as long as the fine cotton cloth is wiped, it should be bright or rinse with warm water. Take a fine cotton cloth and wash it with a neutral detergent such as alcohol. After washing, wipe it to dry.

black titanium germanium bracelet

The effect of wearing titanium germanium bracelet

1. Relieve exercise fatigue and improve various symptoms of the body.

2. It has certain effects on cervical vertebrae, periarthritis of shoulder, bronchitis, pharyngitis, etc. It also has excellent effects on insomnia.

3. Insufficient blood supply to the brain, headache, cerebellar atrophy, hypertension, pharyngitis, cataract has a certain effect.

4. The opponent’s hemp, sprain, trauma, and thrombosis have a certain effect.

5. It can improve gastrointestinal function, reduce gastric acidity, and has good effect on periodontitis and bad breath.

6. Activate bioelectricity, promote blood circulation, improve and prevent physical discomfort.

7. Acupressure massage spa bath effect.

8. Metabolism, immunity restore and improve the body’s natural healing power.

The above information is from the YIBI Titanium Jewelry Manufacturer and is for reference only.

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