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How did the stainless steel ring be made?

A lot of people wonder how stainless steel rings are made. every piece of jewelry is injected into the soul by designers and manufacturers, and their birth requires very complex process steps. Below we will introduce you to the birth of a stainless steel ring and the process of designing the finished product.

A fashionable stainless steel ring

The first design and cardboard, we use the hand carved stencil with paraffin carved design drawings design, using the method of loss of wax casting out silver edition. After the rubber film is open, the wax injection operation is carried out. The wax injection machine should be maintained at 70-75 degrees, will inject wax liquid film cooling out after wax, repeat, get more pieces of wax. Each wax ring alone manual welding to a wax stick.

A fashionable stainless steel ring

finally get a tree similar to the shape of the tree of ash, casting. Will a good set of stainless steel chassis with even ash tube, and the corresponding weight of the gypsum slurry along the inner wall of steel tube slowly injected into the gypsum solidification. Then it is gypsum baking. When the gypsum baking is near the end, it starts to melt the stainless steel and keep the molten state.

Men's stainless steel ring

After the gypsum mold is finished, the stainless steel liquid is injected from the water inlet, and the casting is completed. The last is polishing. This is the most important part of the surface treatment technology of stainless steel jewelry. After polishing, the jewelry is shining brightly. It gives people a beautiful sense of beauty. Only by achieving the effect of mirror sparkling and shining can we attract customers' attention.

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