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How about tungsten jewelry

Material composition

Tungsten content on the earth is very small, tungsten steel jewelry must reach more than 80% to be called tungsten steel. When the tungsten content in tungsten steel reaches 85.7 percent, the brightness of jewelry is the highest. The effect is best. At present the content of tungsten in many tungsten steel ornaments on the market generally cannot reach this content, even below 60%, the value of such tungsten steel ornaments is certainly not high. Appearance


Tungsten steel jewelry because of the material is hard, in the edge and corner of the position is difficult to deal with, when not handled well will form a very sharp corner, easy to cause harm to the body. Tungsten steel ornaments cannot reflect the unique style of tungsten steel ornaments. Tungsten steel ornaments use gem cutting and grinding technology, after fine grinding can obtain gem-like color and light, when cutting and grinding technology is poor. Will greatly affect the surface effect. Dimensions

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