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How to maintain ceramic pendant

Ceramic pendants are accessories that every woman likes to wear, but most people don't know how to maintain ceramic pendant. As a result, the ceramic pendant become old easily and lose their original luster. So that the ceramic pendant temporary loss of the original luster and fire color effect.

Ceramic pendants such as women need very good maintenance and sheltering ability to maintain the original luster. Usually to pay attention to what to pay attention to the following and everyone to understand it!

trendy ceramic pendant

How to maintain ceramic pendant

First, clean with a small bowl or teacup filled with warm water, mix in the water with a moderate amount of neutral detergent. The ceramic pendant immersed in the water, gently brushed with a toothbrush, then with a screen, rinse under the tap with warm water, Finally, use a soft cotton flannel to dry.

fine ceramic pendant

Second, soak the ceramic pendant in water for about 30 minutes in a small bowl or teacup. Mix the right amount of water with the domestic water. Then, with a small brush, gently rinse the ceramic pendant before and after the ceramic pendant. Wave again in the water for a while, take out with a paper towel to dry.

Three, Buy a bottle of famous brand jewelry cleaning liquid by quick cleaning method and wash the ceramic pendant in accordance with the instructions.

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