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Gothic Stainless Steel Cross Pendants

Gothic Stainless Steel Jewelry embraces the dark side and has become popular due to the release of various vampire movies and books such as the Twilight series. Gothic style is dark and features clothes done in black along with jewelry done in shapes such as crosses, bats, dragons and swords.

Stainless Steel Cross Pendants are a popular item for Gothic jewelry. They are done in heavy styles with tons of detail and are made from 316L/Surgical Stainless Steel. Gothic Stainless Steel Cross Pendants are worn for various reasons but have become quite trendy and are seen as a popular jewelry option.

Gothic Stainless Steel Cross Pendants

The Meaning Behind Gothic Stainless Steel Cross Pendants

The crosses seen in jewelry designs come from Germanic culture and depending on the position and style can mean different things. Meanings for Gothic Stainless Steel Cross Pendants include:

1. Celtic Stainless Steel Cross Pendants represent everlasting life.

2. Upside down Stainless Steel Cross Pendants can be a symbol of the wearer's rejection of Jesus and the sacrifice he made on the cross.

A Stainless Steel cross can also have a hidden meaning that is known only to the wearer. This can be anger or other hidden emotions that they want to convey through the wearing of the cross. The meaning can also be a mixed message if the cross is part of a design incorporating other Gothic symbols as well.

Gothic Stainless Steel Pendants Manufacturer

Gothic Crosses Pendants are one of the many symbols of Gothic culture. They are much different than a Christian corss in that the imagery used represents all that is dark and mysterious. Many like to wear a Gothic Stainless Steel Cross Pendants to show that they are part of the Gothic lifestyle, and to show that they believe in Satan or the occult.

Wearing a Gothic Stainless Steel Cross Pendants is not only seen as fashionable but can symbolize your beliefs in the dark side as well. Some Gothic Stainless Steel Cross Jewelry is considered mainstream and is trendy to where while others have deep symbolism behind each piece and means something special to those who wear it.

YIBI Jewelry has over 10 years of experience in the jewelry industry, we have grown to be a competitive Stainless Steel Jewelry Manufacturer. We are the Expert in Gothic Stainless Steel Jewelry OEM & ODM Services with our own Manufacturing Plant.

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