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China Jewelry Manufacturer Show You the Characteristics of Diamonds

With the increasing popularity of diamond rings, people are increasingly curious about diamonds. So what are the basic characteristics of diamonds? Today, China Jewelry Manufacturer YIBI Jewelry explains the basic characteristics of diamonds for you!

1. Specific gravity, the specific gravity of diamond is 3.52 g/cm3. The proportion of diamond is the largest among all gemstones, which means that its atoms accumulate more closely.

2. Toughness, diamond has greater toughness, but its edges are more brittle, so avoid falling and colliding when wearing.


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3. Hardness, Diamond has a Mohs hardness of 10, which is the hardest natural substance found by humans. Compared with other gems, the diamond is set on the jewellery, which is more resistant to the wear and scratch of all the materials. Therefore, once the diamond is owned, it can be passed down from generation to generation, because the diamond ornaments are never worn and often worn.

4. Thermal expansion rate, the thermal expansion rate of diamond is very low, so there is little obvious thermal expansion and contraction due to changes in external temperature.

5. Gloss, the gloss is related to refractive index, which is the characteristic of the surface of the object when it reflects light. The diamond is a typical diamond luster, which makes the diamond have an extremely dazzling luster after being cut.

YIBI Jewelry has summarized the five basic characteristics of diamonds. Do you understand these five characteristics? The China Jewelry Manufacturer YIBI Jewelry continues to explain more of the characteristics of diamonds!

6. Lipophilic, the surface of the diamond is very oily and has a strong lipophilic character. Therefore, be careful not to wear it when it is worn. Otherwise, it will be difficult to maintain its luster and quality.


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7. In response to chemicals, diamonds are highly chemically stable, and acids, bases, and general chemicals do not work.

8. Thermal conductivity, diamonds are currently the most capable of conducting heat in all materials, a property that makes diamonds widely used in the aerospace and microelectronic industries.

9. Refractive index, the refractive index of diamonds is 2.417, which is the highest among all natural colorless gemstones. When light enters the diamond, it converges toward the center, so it often emits dazzling light in the sunlight.

10. Dispersion rate, the diamond has a high dispersion rate of approximately 0.044. This is also the highest dispersion rate among all natural colorless gemstones. Because of this nature, diamonds can disperse white light into a spectral rainbow color.

These are the top ten basic characteristics of the diamonds that YIBI Jewelry has summarized for you. After reading these contents, I believe that you have a better understanding of diamonds. YIBI Jewelry is an approved China Jewelry Manufacturer of many international Watch & Jewelry brands. Jewelry OEM & ODM Services for many renown brands, from the technical drawings or design concepts to the finished products with our own manufacturing factory.

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