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Ceramic Brass jewelry is hot ?

14 Published by admin Feb 09,2018

In 2015, one Chinese man contacted us say he’s foreigner friend want to look for ceramic jewelry but the price shouldn’t be high.

ceramic brass jewelry

First, we suggest ceramic silver jewelry to them, but they ask us to think more about the material & cut down the cost. After thinking of designers and we test ceramic brass jewelry, we explained the cost can be cut down and quality is high even more it seems no difference between ceramic silver jewelry and ceramic brass jewelry. Firstly they accept to make a trial order after we delivered the first ceramic brass jewelry goods, they reorder very soon, it has got very nice feedback from the market.

ceramic brass jewelry

Till now, the ceramic brass jewelry is shared a large production in our factory. Hence, seeing from this any market should be adjusted to consumers mentality. Ceramic brass jewelry just meet their demands, if you would like, you can ask us we will explain to you in patient ^_^.

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