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How To Get Order from Famous Italy Jewelry brand?

L* was born in 2006 from the intuition of Bruno who thought of L* as a jewellery leader too. Today the distribution count: 70 points of sale retail – 1200 independent jewellery – 500 top points of sale.

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We got the inquire from L* about brass products from designer, Elena on 15th, May.

According to the requirements of the client, we arranged making some samples and send to them. After several times samples testing and changement by our experience engineering team, which lasted around 2 years, then, we got the first order.

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After the first delivery, YIBI Jewelry got more and more orders from L*. Michele who charged for the Order and Quality appraised “we trust you, and the quality and service of your company is very good, especially the packaging“. ( We made Customization for them.)

YIBI Jewelry is a professional jewelry manufacturers with more than 10 years of experience in  jewelry manufacturing. Also provide jewelry custom and OEM ODM services. We have been providing high-quality jewelry and satisfactory services for our customers! Welcome to YIBI Jewelry official website:https://www.chinayibi.com/.

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