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The amazing effects of ceramic earrings

In recent years, many women like to wear ceramic earrings, which can make women more charming, more and more women like to wear fine ceramic earrings.

According to legend, there was a beautiful girl in ancient China who suffered from eye disease, blind eyes, living in darkness all day, very painful.

fine ceramic earrings

One day, a famous doctor passed by the small town where the girl lived and happened to be in her small and medium town. The girl's family was warmly entertained, but in her words, she was still sad. The famous doctor asked why. The girl groped out with the help of her family, and the famous doctor saw her handsome, but sad, and determined to help her restore her vision.

beautiful ceramic earrings

The famous doctor took out the shining silver needle, and in the middle of each of the two earlobes of the girl had a needle. After that, the famous doctor carefully twirled the silver needle, and the girl felt abnormal. When the needle was up, the miracle appeared: the girl slowly opened her eyes. The real world is bright again in her eyes! The girl and her family were ecstatic.

Later, in order to always bear in mind the thought of the famous doctor, the girl asked the silversmith to carefully make a pair of earrings in the ear. Surprisingly, when the girl wore earrings, not only was more handsome and beautiful, but also the apparent thing was more clear, completely restored the former eyesight. After the news spread, many young women follow suit, wearing earrings have become the fashion and spread to date.

women's ceramic earrings

It turns out that the girl's ceramic earrings were coincidentally suited to "ear acupuncture" in ancient Chinese medicine. According to modern medicine, the point in the middle of the earlobe protects eyesight and prevents granuloma and acute conjunctivitis. Central retinochoroiditis and senile cataract play an important role in myopia.

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