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What requirements do brass jewelry for electroplating?

As the name suggests is to use the ornament that brass makes it, a lot of people begin to be apt to brass adorn article now adorn article, the color that brass adorn article surface presents is instinctive quality namely. However, it is sometimes necessary to change the color of its surface for special effects. For example, Brass Jewelry is required to be as golden as gold, and 18K white gold jewelry (white K gold) but like platinum line pure white and so on, this requires the brass jewelry surface treatment — electroplating.

Brass Gold-Plated Earrings

Electroplating is a more complicated process. It can not only protect the metal surface of the jewelry, but also make the metal surface more beautiful. Metal jewelry electroplating can be divided into natural color electroplating and different color electroplating. Natural color electroplating means that the color of electroplating is the same as that of jewelry metal substrate, and the chemical composition of jewelry metal substrate and electroplating is basically the same. For example, 18K gold jewelry is plated with 18K gold, and 14K gold jewelry is plated with 14K gold.Different color plating refers to the color and composition of electroplating and jewelry metal substrate color and composition are not the same, such as 18K gold jewelry plated 24K gold ring white rhodium color.

Brass Gold-Plated Necklace

Electroplating is the process of depositing a desired coating by an electrolytic method. The basic process of electroplating pure copper jewelry (taking gold plating as an example) is to dip the plating material into a solution of metal salts (such as gold potassium cyanide) as the cathode. Pure copper plate as an anode, dc power on, in need of plating materials will deposit pure copper gold coating. Brass ornaments on the basic quality of electroplating coating requirements have the following 4 points.

1. It is firmly combined with the base metal and has good adhesion.
2. Complete coating, fine crystallization, and compact, small porosity.
3. Good physical, chemical, and mechanical properties.
4. willing to meet the standards of coating thickness, and coating distribution should be uniform.

Brass Earrings

Brass jewelry before electroplating, due to a variety of processing and processing, inevitably will adhere to a layer of oil and surface oxidation layer, and these oil and oxide will affect the quality of the coating. In order to ensure that the coating can meet the quality of electroplating, it is necessary to clean the dirt and oxide on the surface of the jewelry. There is also a jewelry metal die polishing, rough surface, not delicate enough, on the surface of this material is also difficult to plate a combination of solid, corrosion resistance coating, even if the coating is barely plated, in a very short time on the jewelry coating will peeling, bubbling, pitting, speckles and other adverse phenomena.Therefore, the electroplating early stage of each procedure should be done fine.

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