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How does Titanium Anodizing Technologies work on Jewellery?

Titanium Anodizing is now available! We take the titanium base metal and electrify it to different voltage to achieve different colors of the rainbow! Anodizing is a cost effective way to create truly unique equipment. For example colors help categorize surgical instruments or make decorative body jewelry or even categorizing different small parts such as screws for larger projects. There are so many amazing benefits to using titanium as the base metal to your project.

How does Titanium Anodizing Technologies work on Jewellery?

Jewelers also use titanium for body piercings and men’s jewelry. Since they are bio-compatible it works on many different skin types! In addition unlike gold and silver, Titanium never scratches or changes form from wear and tear because it is the most durable metal on the jewelry market. Also not only is it the strongest in the jewelry business its the lightest metal which makes it absolutely perfect for every day use.

How does Titanium Anodizing Technologies work on Jewellery?

Anodizing Titanium Jewelry adds a truly unique style to match everyone’s personality! In addition There are many different polishing techniques we can use as well, such as high polish satin and brushed metal just to name a few!

Titanium Benefits

Titanium is also Non-toxic and Bio-Compatible! This is perfect for the medical field for things such as replacing parts in the human body like hips, shoulders and knees. In addition, they also color coordinate surgical instruments for easy organization during surgery. This durable metal has been known to relieve pain over the places the metal is kept. Many people believe wearing a titanium necklace restores balance to the body.

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