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High Cost Performance 18K gold jewelry with Hi-tech Ceramic is hitting the market……..

When our business in the fine gold jewelry entity is dropping significantly, we have limited options of either closing down the factory or to think of a solution to keep the production running, but to have the second option, we need "Sales". After trying almost all options to bring down the average cost per piece, we found out that Hi-tech ceramic( Our own facility in China) is the only alternative material to replace gold, precious stones and even diamond( will be launched soon) without compromising the luxury looks but at much lower cost.                                                                                                                                The durability and hardness of the Hi-tech ceramic are the advantages. Hence, many of the designers are creating pieces with the combination of Hi-tech ceramic with all kind of materials like gold, Silver, Surgical steel, Brass, tungsten and is our job to help them making it possible and we decided to focus only on OEM & ODM with International Brands instead of having our own brand!Creating and marketing a new brand is not our forte and we rather focus on what we do best which is product development. Since then, we have never looked back. We are moving to a new plant in July which will be three times bigger than our existing plant and will update you all soon.

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