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Reasons for Choose Titanium Rings

Titanium is gradually being applied to the jewelry industry. It is inseparable from the advantages of its own metal elements. It is neither as popular as gold nor silver, nor as expensive as platinum, and its characteristics are obvious and highly competitive. Here, Shenzhen YIBI Jewelry introduces the 7 advantages of titanium rings.

Reasons for Choose Titanium Rings

1. Titanium ring has good corrosion resistance

Titanium is an extremely active element, which is easy to react with oxygen to form Tio2, but the oxide film formed on the surface of titanium to several tens of nanometers is extremely complete and compact, with partial damage Instant self-healing ability and stability in most environments is the theoretical basis for the corrosion resistance of titanium. The advantage it exhibits on the ring is that it does not corrode, does not change color, maintains good gloss for a long time, and is not afraid of water.

2. Titanium coloring

Titanium has a very interesting feature. When titanium is placed in the electrolyte, a certain current is applied, and the surface should be electrolyzed with an upper layer and an oxide film. The thickness of the oxide film determines the color. Changes without the need for additional elements. The colors that can be made now are gold, black, blue, brown, and flowers. This feature makes the ring style more colorful and more fashionable.

3. Titanium Jewelry ring is not easy to be deformed, no need to reshape

Titanium has high hardness and is not easy to be deformed. It does not need to be reshaped after wearing for a period of time like ordinary gold and silver jewelry.

Titanium Ring Jewelry Supplier

4. Titanium Jewelry ring is green and hypoallergenic

Because titanium is a pure metal, not an alloy with other metals, it is ideal for people with sensitive skin because it does not cause any skin irritation or discomfort.

5. Titanium rings can be designed in an infinite variety to suit your personal taste

With precious metals set in gold, platinum, rose gold, silver, and platinum, you will surely find a ring that you love. You can even design your own unique combination of metal rings.

6. Titanium rings can be polished to a number of finishes to suit your taste

Many people are attracted to a polished titanium finish, while others prefer a polished or matte finish. It’s beautiful, but is it your favorite?

7. Titanium rings are lightweight

Don’t want to wear a wedding ring, because he is not used to wearing a ring in your life? Titanium rings are the perfect answer – gold and platinum are so light, he doesn’t know he wears a ring.

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