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According to geological and archaeological studies, pearls have been found on the earth 200 million years ago; in the international gem world, pearls are also listed as birthstone in June, Memorial stone for the thirteenth and thirtieth anniversary of marriage. Pearls with magnificent colors and elegant temperament symbolize health, purity, wealth and happiness, and have been loved by people since ancient times. Today, YIBI Jewelry is a professional pearl jewelry manufacturer in China to interpret pearls here.

Pearl is indeed a mesmerizing gift of nature to mankind. This fascinating and charming gem is a valuable endowment of the sea. There are two types of pearl which are being discovered around the world in different seas and rivers: saltwater pearl and freshwater pearl. However, mostly both of them appear extensive identical in their physical attributes and characteristics nonetheless, there are few distinctions found in their nature and behavior which is mandatory to be evaluated or studied to get to know the exact difference between two…

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Difference between Freshwater Pearl and Saltwater Pearl

Freshwater Pearl: A freshwater pearl gemstone is primarily discovered in lakes, ponds and rivers where the quantity of salt in water is relatively low. Generally, the freshwater pearl is invented or created inside the man-made lakes and ponds. Their growth or advancement is consistently being observed by human beings. China and Japan are known to be the places where this kind of stones are being grown. Most of the people are not aware of this fact that either freshwater or saltwater pearl gemstones are not natural although, they are being cultivated in order to the fulfillment of the rising demand of pearl gem in the market. Inorder to initiate this cultivation process a mollusk tissue is being planted into the mollusk which is covered with nacre the source material of pearl gemstone.

Saltwater pearl: On the contrary to freshwater pearl, the saltwater pearl is found in seawater where salt pertains in copious quantity. Due to the presence of salt, it is acknowledged being saltwater pearl. It is cultivated inside the oyster and largely found in places like Australia, Thailand, Tahiti and China. Some of the famous types of saltwater stones are Akoya pearl, Tahitian pearl, black pearl. Chinese saltwater pearl is awarded being the best saltwater pearl due to its invariable luster and color.

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Howsaltwater pearl differs from freshwater pearl:

Nacre: A saltwater pearl gemstone has slight a thinner nacre in comparison to freshwater pearl. The nacre of this stone lies between 0.55mm to 0.6 mm.

Shape and Cut: A freshwater pearl stone is spotted in different shapes and sizes. The popular shapes of this stone are round shape, oval shape, cushion shape and emerald shape. On the other hand, the saltwater pearl is demanded greatly in round shape and it is most in demand.

Size: The freshwater pearl has smaller size as compared to saltwater due to its short life span. The stone has a lifetime of two years, therefore, it has less height. On the other hand, the saltwater pearl has more height because it is grown for more time period hence it gets more time to develop.

Shine: A freshwater pearl has more glow or sign as compare to the saltwater pearl because the nacre of freshwater is thicker than the latter one. Hence, the freshwater pearl attains more shine and glow than saltwater.

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History of Pearl

Pearls have been used as an adornment for centuries—at least as far back as ancient Greece, where they believed pearls were the tears of the gods. The oldest known pearl jewelry was discovered in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess who died in 520 B.C.

Because natural pearls were so rare throughout history, only the richest echelon could afford them. During the Byzantine Empire, rules dictated that only the emperor was allowed to wear these treasured gemstones. Ancient Egyptians were often buried with their prized pearls.

Other cultures associated pearls with the moon, calling them “teardrops of the moon.” Hindu folklore explained that dewdrops fell from the moon into the sea, and Krishna picked one for his daughter on her wedding day.

Pearls became more accessible in the early 1900s when the first commercial culturing of saltwater pearls began in Asia. Since the 1920s, cultured pearls have almost completely replaced natural pearls in the market—making this classic gemstone affordable for nearly any budget.

Pearl is an ancient organic gemstone, Pearl also is the only gemstones made by living creatures. YIBI Jewelry is a Reputable & Reliable Pearl Jewelry Manufacturer for International Brands. We are the Expert in Pearl Jewelry OEM & ODM Services with our own Manufacturing Factory in China.

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