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YIBI Spay Painted Chain – High-quality Finishing And Good-durability Color

Metal chains come in a variety of sizes from quite tiny, such as jewelry chains, to quite large, such as the anchor chain on boats. Many types of chain change color over time due to rust, environmental exposure, or other reasons. There are several ways to change the color of metal chain including painting directly onto the links, dipping sections of chain or hanging and spraying the chain with spray paint.

As spray painting technology is growing more and more mature, manufacturers try to combine it with fashionable metal jewelry and accessories. The result was a successful response in the market, with people loving its texture, appearance and quality.

YIBI also began to make bold attempts to officially put the spray-painted chain into production.

With the introduction of new technologies and the continuous experimentation of the technical R&D team, YIBI’s spray paints are of higher quality.

When there were mass production problems of spray painting technology in the market, such as painted surfaces scratched, chain corners (connected parts) not covered by paint, paint thickness too thin, and uneven color, Yibi solved a series of paint chain problems for customers and won their trust.

For example, when visiting customers in August-October, our visiting team heard about the production problems that some brands are now facing, such as the surface of painted products is easily scratched, and the chain connection is not covered by spray paint. After hearing this, the Yibi team immediately proposed that Yibi could solve these production problems.

Because the painting technology used by Yibi is more mature, the paint thickness is higher and stronger, to avoid scratching and causing the coating to fall off.

Chain has many curved surfaces and it is often hard to reach all of the surfaces easily. It may need to manipulate the chain to reach some spots or spray from different angles. During production, Ibi will use advanced

 machines combined with refined manual operations to strictly cover every corner with spray paint.


In addition to the above production advantages of Yibi, we can also make glossy and matte finishing in the spray painting process. Customers can customize various colors according to the Pantone color list they choose. There is no doubt that spray paint technology provides more choices, and the market development is getting more and more possibilities. If you need to know more and consult more, please feel free to contact Yibi, we will do our best to provide production solutions and the newest information to you.

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