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Advantages And Development Of Various Jewelry Materials – Nowadays Jewelry Market

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a common alloy of steel. Steel is a combination of iron and carbon or other elements. The degree of softness and hardness of steel depends on the carbon content. Stainless steel added chromium element 4 on the basis of steel, and the chromium element content is between 10% and 20%.

About the jewelry materials, brass and stainless steel are both good choices. But in recent years we mainly do stainless steel to follow the jewelry market, there is some reasons that,

Stainless steel has many advantages, such as high performance, oxidation resistance, and long durability life because people have found its high-quality characteristics stainless steel jewelry has gradually become the mainstream of the foreign fashion jewelry market.

Stainless steel is a premium sustainable material. It is very environmentally friendly and can pass many environmental-related tests, which matches the concept of long-term development. YIBI has always had recycling certifications for stainless steel.

Our stainless steel jewelry is made of high-quality vacuum PVD plating, which meets the requirements of customers for a high-quality, luxurious appearance and sustainable development (stainless steel does not cause environmentalLearn more! pollution because without water plating).

From a market perspective, there is no doubt that stainless steel jewelry is the mainstream choice.

Some of the luxury brands we have visited in the past two months want to develop from brass jewelry to stainless steel jewelry, which is why I tried to recommend more brands innovate their materials to adapt to the changing marketplace. If you have the same idea about stainless steel, we would be honored to help develop new materials.

High-Tech Ceramic

Ceramic jewelry is a novel type of jewelry, using ceramic materials and craftsmanship applied in a new, unique style. It is also seen as a new type of “green jewelry”, which is good for health when you wear it. It represents the aesthetic implication of its shape, glaze, decoration, and creation of an artistic image in particular. Due to the easy availability of materials, high plasticity, large design space, health, nature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, these characteristics make ceramic jewelry a lot of room for development in the future. We have noticed that in terms of fashion jewelry, ceramic jewelry has been put into widespread use and gradually strengthened on the world stage in recent years, into people’s daily lives.

This is also one of our main materials, and we have also introduced a new material of ceramics for many customers, and it has developed very well.

Tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide is extremely hard and has a high density. By combining with carbon and other elements, tungsten carbide is formed, with a hardness of 8-9 on the Mohs scale. Tungsten Carbide jewelry is made of metal alloy, tungsten carbide. This alloy achieves maximum hardness and rigidity without compromising tensile strength. Tungsten carbide jewelry is about 10 times heavier than 18K gold and four times harder than titanium, only second to the hardness of diamond. Due to the design and high polishing of tungsten jewelry, and partly due to its process characteristics, it has a strong appeal to consumers. Its hardness guarantees its long-lasting beauty. Compared to the products offered on the market, tungsten carbide jewelry has a better high degree of polishing technology and wear resistance. Tungsten carbide jewelry also has the advantage that it will never deform because of its hardness.

But here is a remaining: tungsten carbide jewelry is generally exported to North America.


Cobalt jewelry is made from highly durable alloys that are four times harder than platinum jewelry while being less dense. Due to its natural hardness, cobalt jewelry has quite good scratch, shatter and corrosion resistance. Because cobalt has less density and natural ductility, it is possible to design stronger, dynamic designs with lighter weight. Cobalt is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin or an active lifestyle.

Its surface effect will be like white gold without plating, it is harder than stainless steel and cheaper than solid gold.

Most customers prefer cobalt for its similar look to white gold, they will prefer no plating effect to keep its look.


In recent years, titanium metal has gradually been selected by many big brands at home and abroad, and it has become the “new favorite” of the jewelry industry.

So why does titanium stand out among many jewelry materials? This is of course related to some of its own characteristics.

Lightweight Material

Using titanium as a material can greatly reduce the weight of the jewelry, making the experience of wearing high-end jewelry more pleasant. In simple words, when titanium is used to make jewelry, the weight of titanium jewelry is only about 1/4 of that of traditional precious metals. Titanium is hard and textured. It can be said that the addition of titanium metal solves the important problems of decorative wear and wearability that have long plagued jewelry making.

Fantastic Biophilic Metal

It has been proved by medical practice that titanium organs can be implanted in the human body for a long time, which shows that it is harmless to the human body; Good biocompatibility and extremely loyal stability make titanium ornaments not allergic after long-term contact with the human body and have no adverse effects on the skin, nerves, and taste. It is a biophilic metal. Because it is absolutely harmless to the human body, it can be the first choice for people with skin allergies.

Changeable color

The color of the titanium surface is very rich, also known as “colored titanium”, which is not available in traditional jewelry metal materials. It can obtain various colors on the surface by electrolytic treatment and chemical treatment. Yibi can produce a range of fine jewelry made of titanium, which uses titanium’s properties to present a rich palette of colors. It combines different colors of titanium and colored gemstones to break through the confinement of traditional metal materials to create high-end jewelry with dramatic tension colors.

We have been creating more possibilities in the field of titanium jewelry. If you have any fresh ideas and designs, welcome to discuss them with our team!


Aluminum and aluminum alloys are widely used and are one of the most economical and applicable materials. The reason why aluminum has a wide range of uses is due to its excellent properties. These advantages also make jewelry designers have a strong interest in aluminum: good ductility, corrosion resistance (It can form a layer in humid air to prevent metal Corroded oxide film), and lightweight.

Aluminum and aluminum alloys are placed in an appropriate electrolyte (generally acidic electrolyte) as an anode for electrical treatment to form an oxide film. This process is called anodic oxidation. Anodized aluminum is not only wear-resistant but also has high corrosion resistance and a beautiful appearance. It is widely used in the shell treatment process of electronic products such as mobile phone shells and mobile power shells.

The Blooms series of aluminum jewelry made by London-based designer Anabela Chan uses aluminum metal recycled from beverage cans as the base material and is colored by anodizing. After anodizing treatment, it presents dark blue, rose red, and dark green, just matching different colored gemstones.

At this moment, we are developing a variety of color and pattern choices, if you have any ideas to discuss welcome to join us. Let us find more inspiration and possibilities in jewelry materials.


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