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How to maintain gold-plated jewelry is better

Gold-plated jewelry has been loved by people in recent years, because gold-plated jewelry not only looks different from gold, gold-plated jewelry is also cheaper than gold, but people buy gold-plated jewelry do not know how to maintain, gold-plated jewelry still needs to be good Maintenance, then how to maintain gold-plated jewelry is better?

Wiping and maintenance

Before wearing gold-plated jewelry, if time is sufficient, it is best to wipe the gold-plated necklace with a fine velvet cloth to maintain the gloss of the gold-plated jewelry. If we don't wear gold-plated jewelry, we should gently wipe the surface of the gold-plated jewelry with cotton cloth or absorbent paper towel to remove the moisture and dirt of the gold-plated jewelry. Store the gold-plated jewelry in a sealed bag to avoid gold-plated jewelry and air. Make contact to keep the gold-plated jewelry shiny.

Avoid corrosion

When we are doing heavy work, we recommend taking the gold-plated jewelry. Otherwise, the hot water or sweat soaking will make the color of the gold-plated jewelry darker, and even the color will appear directly. If the gold-plated jewelry loses its luster or the gold layer is corroded, it cannot be restored with gold water or other means, so we must be careful when wearing gold-plated jewelry. When bathing, gold-plated jewelry must be remembered to be removed. It is corroded by chemicals such as shower gel.

How to maintain the gold-plated jewelry is better, the above is a brief introduction to the next gold-plated jewelry should be wiped and maintained, should avoid corrosion, only to maintain the gold-plated jewelry, in order to make gold-plated jewelry for a long time to wear, keep beautiful.

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