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Why are tungsten rings so popular?

Tungsten steel ring is more and more popular nowadays, tungsten steel “never wear, never fade” is deeply reflected in people’s hearts. In the current tungsten ring market, no matter it is young, middle age people have a very big room for development. This market has great potential. Why is tungsten jewelry so popular? Related tungsten ring Ebby jewelry company staff revealed all aspects of the secret.

Mens Tungsten Ring

Advantages of tungsten ring

1. High hardness, make tungsten steel accessories very wear-resistant, not easy to produce scratches, deformation and other problems.

2. High luminance. After polishing, it can give off gemlike color and light. Brightness is like a mirror.

Tungsten Ring for men

3. Good corrosion resistance, through the artificial sweat test, no corrosion, no fading, no discoloration, no allergies, no rust, lustre can be maintained for a long time.

4. Tungsten steel ring has strong texture.

5. The radiation of tungsten steel rings approaches zero and is negligible.

Correct choice of tungsten steel ring

1. High quality tungsten jewelry is not afraid of grinding, scratching and fire.

Tungsten steel is the hardest metal in the world , the hardness is second only to diamond . The tungsten steel used to make jewelry should be above 80 % , the gold proportion is 85.7 % , it is the industry said 857 tungsten steel . The tungsten steel jewelry produced by this content is not afraid to wear , the knife is not flowers , also not afraid of high temperature forging , the property is very stable . But don ‘ t get the ground to grind , because cement contains artificial silicon , this is harder than diamond .

Selection of tungsten steel ring

2. The fine tungsten ring is bright and dark

Polished tungsten steel rings give off dazzling gloss and shine on their fingers. On closer inspection, tungsten jewelry is somewhat different from other metal ornaments. The gloss of other ornaments is slightly fluffy relative to tungsten steel jewelry, while tungsten jewelry feels more sedate.

Many people in the selection of tungsten steel rings often fall into the error of preservation of value, in fact, tungsten steel’s biggest selling point lies in the style, workmanship and polishing process.

The polishing process of the tungsten steel ring is more important . Which style of tungsten steel jewelry is more beautiful ? In general , there are many facets on that surface . It ‘ s more beautiful , and more consumers are shopping .

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