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Titanium – The “dark horse” of the jewelry, developing a variety of color and pattern choices

Gold and platinum should be the first choice for jewelry, but in recent years, titanium metal is often used in jewelry design. It is a popular jewelry material, and its strength interprets the birth process of the “dark horse”.

In recent years, titanium metal has gradually been selected by many big brands at home and abroad, and it has become the “new favorite” of the jewelry industry.

So why does titanium stand out among many jewelry materials? This is of course related to some of its own characteristics.

  • Lightweight Material

Using titanium as a material can greatly reduce the weight of the jewelry, making the experience of wearing high-end jewelry more pleasant.

The relative densities of gold and platinum are 19.32g/cm³and 21.45/cm³, respectively, while the density of titanium is only 4.51g/cm³. In simple words, when titanium is used to make jewelry, the weight of titanium jewelry is only about 1/4 of that of traditional precious metals. Titanium is hard and textured. It can be said that the addition of titanium metal solves the important problems of decorative wear and wearability that have long plagued jewelry making.

  • Fantastic Biophilic Metal

Titanium metal has no damage to the human body, and caters to people’s pursuit of health and longevity. It has been proved by medical practice that titanium organs can be implanted in the human body for a long time, which shows that it is harmless to the human body; Good biocompatibility and extremely loyal stability make titanium ornaments not allergic after long-term contact with the human body, and have no adverse effects on the skin, nerves and taste. It is a biophilic metal. Because it is absolutely harmless to the human body, it can be the first choice for people with skin allergies.

  • Changeable color

In the public perception, the color of the metal is relatively monotonous. But when it comes to titanium, color is synonymous with it.

The color of the titanium surface is very rich, also known as “colored titanium”, which is not available in traditional jewelry metal materials. It can obtain various colors on the surface by electrolytic treatment and chemical treatment. Titanium metal is placed in an electrolyte, and the surface is oxidized by increasing or decreasing the voltage, by a constant current and corresponding time, to produce a rutile (TiO) oxide film several micrometers to ten micrometers thick. The oxide film can strongly reflect and refract light, and produce interference colors [i] on the surface, with the change of the thickness of the oxide film, showing a variety of solid colors or gradient visual effects from yellow to blue-violet to green-gray . Compared with traditional jewelry materials, the “unrestrained color” produced by the titanium surface is often eye-catching, helping designers to break the traditional limitations and expand the creative space. Due to its stability, it can always maintain its own color effect at normal temperature.

Yibi can produce a range of fine jewelry made of titanium, which uses titanium’s properties to present a rich palette of colors. It combines different colors of titanium and colored gemstones to break through the confinement of traditional metal materials to create high-end jewelry with dramatic tension colors.

We have been creating more possibilities in the field of titanium jewelry. If you have any fresh ideas and designs, welcome to discuss with our team!

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