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Successfully help a brand to get through the difficult time in 15 days

Successfully help a brand to get through the difficult time in 15 days

Here I would like to share an excited news with you: We just helped a brand customer to finish 3 rounds of stainless steel jewelry samples of each 10 different styles in just 15 days, helping the brand to get through the hard time, big progress!

The brand is from Scandinavian, a new e-commerce brand with big vision of growing. But when we first time came to them and asked if interested in know a potential jewelry supplier who can help them grow faster, like the beginning of most stories, they replied ‘no need for now, thanks’.

However, we do not give up and follow the brand ‘quietly’ for a while. One day, one of the girls in my team just sent them a message on Instagram and they replied, ‘Yes, I have some products need you to quote.’

So this is the beginning, we started communication and shortly we were clear that this was an urgent offer. Their suppliers have problems on quality and lead time, cannot follow the pace with a faster-growing brand, which leads the brand to almost running out of stock, in an urgent need for ordering a big volume of the collection on sale.

We show up at a very right time, the R&D team quickly catches the point, setting up a small agile group for corresponds to the brand’s work. We integrated all available resources to find solutions for the brand:

— Make up the technical drawings based on the design picture, without any reference on physical samples or 3D drawings from the customer. (At that time, Shenzhen is in lockdown and the samples cannot send to us and the brand did have not the 3D files)

— Reschedule every process that is needed for the sampling to catch up with the brand’s timeline

— Short meeting every day to confirm what we need to do now and next, each one of the group will know what the goal is

— Put out the problems that barrier the progress and discuss how and who can set it down in quick response

— Sufficient machines in house to use at any time and skilled workers to quickly solve technical problems

— Show the progress to the customer every day and get their feedback on what we need to improve in the sampling to save time for final revision

Finally, we take 3 rounds of samples to finish in 15 days. We sent the samples to the brand for final checking, undoubtedly they are very satisfied with the quality of physical samples and approved them. We received the order in 3 days, the production is running steadily now. Yesterday we got the feedback from the CEO of the brand about why they choose us to cooperate: “not only the quality of products but also the quality of service, we are very very satisfied and pleased to working with you, thank you for helping us through it.”

So I’m writing down the case here for sharing, you can always trust us for a quality product and service. And for this project, great job folks!

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