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Brass Jewelry Fashion

Brass main components: copper and zinc

Features: high ductility, high plasticity, high wear resistance, high strength, strong corrosion resistance

Gold-plated brass/silver-plated brass: The base material is brass, and the surface is plated with gold or silver. The luster of brass and silver replaces the original luster of the original material, thereby improving the ornamental value of jewelry.

High quality cubic zirconia wedding rings















Brass is very soft and accepts various shapes, micro-inlays, and electric drills, which makes the product extra shiny and beautiful. All craftsmanship can be achieved.














Brass has high durability and is not easy to rust or corrode, so it can maintain the beauty and quality of jewelry for a long time.

Brass amethyst bracelet jewelry















Brass is relatively lightweight compared to other metal materials, allowing for delicate and lightweight jewelry that is easy to wear.

Brass Key Charm Necklace

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